Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone

This Christmas we headed down South for the holidays stopping in Centerville at Kenny's dads (Ray)and then in South Jordan (so it definitely wasn't south enough to have warm weather). We had Christmas Eve dinner at Ray's home, his wife Julie is Hispanic so we had tomales and rice, not your tradition eve dinner but it was really good. And after everyone has eaten their weight in food they move all the tables and turn and the music and dance!
We spent the rest of Christmas Eve and Christmas with my family in South Jordan and did all the old traditions we did when we were younger. We had eggnog shakes on the eve and opened matching PJ's to wear to bed that night and watched The Christmas Story.

Oh and a couple of weeks ago we made a craft with just the girls of the fam and I am finally putting up pictures of that.

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