Monday, May 6, 2013

And away we go!

We are heading out to Des Moines in about a week and couldn't be more excited about it. We reserved pods to move all of our stuff out this week, and then we can just drive out together next week once our stuff gets there. If anyone has tips on how to travel well with a 2 year old it would be much appreciated! Its about a 17 hour drive...yikes!

And on another exciting note, we're expecting. This pregnancy is so different from last time mostly because this one was planned and I know that the end result ( aka baby) is worth it...I wasn't so sure last time. I'm 14 weeks and already feel quite large but oh well, what can you do?

On a side one, I'm crazy over-emotional this time. I have seen the movie Cars countless times but yesterday when Beck was watching it, I quite honestly started bawling at the end. You know, the part when McQueen doesn't win the race so that he can push the King across the finish line? Tears streaming down my face and absolutely no control to stop it.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It's been a while...

Yes it has indeed been a very long if anyone is interested in our lives here you go!

Kenny was accepted to the PA program in Des Moines, IA - it starts the end of May.

We moved in with my parents in South Jordan to save money in October and so far have paid way too much in car repairs to actually save. FUNNY STORY - on our move down, the passenger window of the rental truck literally exploded. The pressure in the cab did some kind of voodoo magic on the window and our wallets and shattered. I guess its not very funny... we are definitely getting truck insurance for the move to IA.

We will be moving to IA sometime in May, to some kind of housing establishment, somehow...details to be determined.

Erica & Nolan - we are so excited to be neighbors!! Even if by neighbors I mean the next-door-city kind of neighbors!

Jamie & Derek & Hallie - we love you and miss you already but we can't wait to plan a trip out to visit you! Oh and Jamie...TEXT ME BACK! Thanks!

We also just found out Kenny got awarded an academic SCHOLARSHIP of $15,000 from Des Moines University! Thats 25% of his overall tuition! He has worked so hard and I'm so glad that someone else sees it too!

Beck loves talking, running, yelling "touchdown" when he throws a football, begging to watch "CARS", playing with cars (especially the super cheap plastic green one from the dollar store), casting the spell "stupefy" with any wand-type object, and playing the harmonica.

I'm considering trying the whole never-shampoo-again thing, where you only use baking soda and vinegar. See the following site for more info
Anyone tried it? Just curious if it works, if its worth it, if it actually makes your hair more awesome or just slightly more so its not worth the hassle?

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Big One

Beck turned one last week! I feel like its a huge milestone even though nothing extraordinary happened. We had a fun little pool party and bbq here in logan and then had a little party with my family down in South Jordan. He loves his pool and wouldn't get out even when his 6 teeth were chattering. I made both of his cakes and used NEON food coloring! I didn't even know they had that until my friend Hannah showed me. It makes the colors so cute and bright. So here's the pictures that sum up our lives lately...

 Beck found the sugar container when I was baking the other day and obviously loved it.

 A little tent we bought him for his birthday, he always tries climbing in the laundry hamper so we thought this was a bigger, better alternative

Birthday Party

 Beck and Grandpa Turley at his pool party

 Not quite sure what to do with this... but he figured it out fast. Macey's makes these cute little cakes for babies first birthdays for free!

 His birth moment - May 20th at 8:32 pm
 cheese'n it
 He learned to do a sommersault, well really he gets in the position above and we push his legs over and he loves it.

 Beck & Papa (my dad)

And here's another Happy Birthday to me Great Grandpa! He just turned 100 so we went up to Idaho Falls to celebrate. He had a big party with all of his friends and family and is doing great!
 My family around Great Grandpa  (he still drives) & the  Idaho Falls river walk, there were so many baby geese, or goslings as i recently learned from one of Beck's books.

The race we're getting ready for, the Tough Mudder, in southern California is just over a month away. We run all the time and i still hate it! The first 2 miles are terrible and I'm just idly curious if that ever goes away?

Monday, April 23, 2012


That's generally how I've been feeling these days, just a sigh away from summer, and beck's first b-day, bbq's, and life changing decisions. Kenny got wait listed on a few PA schools so maybe he will get in this year, maybe not. So now we're faced with figuring out if he applies AGAIN, does a different master's program, goes back to school for something else entirely, or just tries to find a job with just a bachelors and hope it works out. I honestly thought the biggest decision we would make would be who we married and where. Not so.

Beck is almost 1! And that means...birthday party! Pintrest has made me utterly terrified of throwing a party though, there are way too many ideas and way too moms with too much time and money for me to compete with. So dont expect anything bloggable, although I'm sure we will have a fun, simply adorned, party.

 He likes to fit into things, like boxes, and laundry baskets...

 HAPPY EASTER! I had the hardest time finding a cute Easter outfit for him but his little vest and tie ended up looking real fly. 

 We are raising a real aggie, the bull was much harder to get on than I thought possible. 

 Date night with Hallie Jo Freckleton

 Our first race, it was just a 5k but I still think its an accomplishment. Tough Mudder here we come!

After the race with our victory shirts. 

On a side-ish note -  Beckett chocked on a piece of mango a few weeks ago. It was horrible, terrifying, and honestly life-changing. He was teething so I was holding a piece of frozen mango and letting him chew on it, suddenly he had sucked it in and right down his throat. Kenny grabbed him and started doing the Heimlich ( I have no idea how to spell that) on his chest and back, alternating between the two. He told me to call 911 which I did hysterically. They couldn't understand me so I just kept yelling the address because by this point he was blue and passed out...I thought he was dead. Even now, remembering how he looked at that moment is making me shake. Kenny laid him on the ground to get more space to keep pushing his chest, and the mango must have finally melted enough that it came up right as the paramedics ran in the door. He still wasn't responsive or breathing well so they put him on oxygen and we headed to the ER (in the ambulance). They took some x-rays to see if anything was in his lungs but it looked okay, but since his O2 stats still weren't very good they admitted him for the night. That was probably more for our peace of minds than his health but we didn't mind. Kenny and I were talking that night in the hospital about saying our family prayer and how we could possibly thank Heavenly Father for saving our baby boy. And then we realized that he already giving us those temple ordinances and covenants that sealed us as a family forever. No matter was happened that day, or in the future, we already have our family secured to us forever. It was a very eye-opening experience to say the least, one that I'm sure we wont forget.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

6 Months Strong

 Merry Christmas!
I just love this time of year and I'm so excited to celebrate with Beckett this year! We're still trying to figure out exactly what we're going to do for the season's festivities but no matter what I'm sure it will be wonderful! Kenny has to work Christmas Day from 5am to 5pm so we will probably celebrate after he gets home and then we will head down to see our families. Question - with your baby's first Christmas, did you give them new presents? Just wrap up toys that they already have? I think I might do a combination. Not that it really matters since Beck won't even know what's going on but I'm excited none the less.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It's Fall Y'all

First off I would like to pose a question...What do I wash first: hands or face? 

Beck is now eating solid foods occasionally and every time he gets messy (just like every baby I'm sure). So my question is about the clean up...if I wash his hands first he touches his face and gets them dirty again, if I wash his face he still touches it and gets it dirty again. Or if he doesn't touch his face, he touches his bib and gets his hands dirty on that but if I take off the bib too early than he gets it all over his clothes. Oh and did I mention that the only baby foods he likes are the really colorful ones?

We had a super fun Halloween party and celebrate Kenny's birthday with our families last month. We had cheese and chocolate fondue and steak, chicken, and Italian sausage and I ate my weight worth. My favorite is french bread in the cheese sauce...yum! This year I was Peter Pan, Kenny was Ru-fi-ooooooo, and Beck was a little lost boy!

And check out our new table! We were given a table when we got married and we finally, 3 1/2  years later finished it! It was a light wood color with white cushions so we sanded, stained, painted, stained again, sanded again, re-upholstered, and VIOLA! It was quite a project but now that's done I'm absolutely loving it!

Oh, one more thing! The cake I made Kenny was awesome. It was a checkerboard cake so I used white (dyed orange) and chocolate cake mix with a whipped icing. It was so cute, I know it could have turned out better but I still had fun.

Anyway, not much else is new. Still waiting on PA schools, I'm still at home with Beck and loving it (most days), Kenny is still at the hospital and loving it (some days). Ha life is fun!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Our Lives of Late

So, it's been a little while so I'll just update you on all the latest news. Beck is now 4 months old and growing like an adorable weed. He is almost 16 pounds of pure boyish fun! He loves going outside so we spend lots of time on walks and hanging out in the fresh air. He laughs and talks all the time and we just love him so much. It still amazes me how I can love him so much when I wasn't sure how I was ever going to want a baby...but what an amazing blessing love is!

 He loves being outside, he really enjoyed the swing but was a little unsure how much he like the grass.

He can even sit up for a few seconds by himself!

He is definitely getting better at tummy time.

He LOVES being swaddled when he goes down to sleep, he obviously doesn't love it as much when he is waking up...

He has the longest tongue, this picture doesn’t do it justice.

Beck’s first Aggie game, he hung out in my diaper bag for a while. He didn’t love how loud it was so we moved up to the very top of the stadium where it was a lot quieter. GO AGGIES! (If only the games ended 5 minutes earlier they would always win!)

 Now for some non-baby related news, I made these earrings out of a paper clip and string.


And here’s Beck again, I just can’t say enough how happy we are that we have such a beautiful, healthy, happy baby. Being a mom his so much better than I thought it would be!

So besides Beck, our lives are pretty boring. Kenny applied for PA schools and now we’re just playing the waiting game. Hopefully we start hearing back soon about interviews. Kenny still works at the hospital and has fun stories to tell everyday, well as fun as it gets having people poop on you.