Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Big One

Beck turned one last week! I feel like its a huge milestone even though nothing extraordinary happened. We had a fun little pool party and bbq here in logan and then had a little party with my family down in South Jordan. He loves his pool and wouldn't get out even when his 6 teeth were chattering. I made both of his cakes and used NEON food coloring! I didn't even know they had that until my friend Hannah showed me. It makes the colors so cute and bright. So here's the pictures that sum up our lives lately...

 Beck found the sugar container when I was baking the other day and obviously loved it.

 A little tent we bought him for his birthday, he always tries climbing in the laundry hamper so we thought this was a bigger, better alternative

Birthday Party

 Beck and Grandpa Turley at his pool party

 Not quite sure what to do with this... but he figured it out fast. Macey's makes these cute little cakes for babies first birthdays for free!

 His birth moment - May 20th at 8:32 pm
 cheese'n it
 He learned to do a sommersault, well really he gets in the position above and we push his legs over and he loves it.

 Beck & Papa (my dad)

And here's another Happy Birthday to me Great Grandpa! He just turned 100 so we went up to Idaho Falls to celebrate. He had a big party with all of his friends and family and is doing great!
 My family around Great Grandpa  (he still drives) & the  Idaho Falls river walk, there were so many baby geese, or goslings as i recently learned from one of Beck's books.

The race we're getting ready for, the Tough Mudder, in southern California is just over a month away. We run all the time and i still hate it! The first 2 miles are terrible and I'm just idly curious if that ever goes away?


the jones said...

Becketts party was a blast! He is such a stud! I love his sugar face! Too cute!!!

Nolan and Erica said...

How did you make that awesome cake?! It looks great! And I am blown away that Beckett is one. WOW! Time does fly!
P.S. In my experience, the first 2 miles ALWAYS sucks. ;-)