Monday, April 23, 2012


That's generally how I've been feeling these days, just a sigh away from summer, and beck's first b-day, bbq's, and life changing decisions. Kenny got wait listed on a few PA schools so maybe he will get in this year, maybe not. So now we're faced with figuring out if he applies AGAIN, does a different master's program, goes back to school for something else entirely, or just tries to find a job with just a bachelors and hope it works out. I honestly thought the biggest decision we would make would be who we married and where. Not so.

Beck is almost 1! And that means...birthday party! Pintrest has made me utterly terrified of throwing a party though, there are way too many ideas and way too moms with too much time and money for me to compete with. So dont expect anything bloggable, although I'm sure we will have a fun, simply adorned, party.

 He likes to fit into things, like boxes, and laundry baskets...

 HAPPY EASTER! I had the hardest time finding a cute Easter outfit for him but his little vest and tie ended up looking real fly. 

 We are raising a real aggie, the bull was much harder to get on than I thought possible. 

 Date night with Hallie Jo Freckleton

 Our first race, it was just a 5k but I still think its an accomplishment. Tough Mudder here we come!

After the race with our victory shirts. 

On a side-ish note -  Beckett chocked on a piece of mango a few weeks ago. It was horrible, terrifying, and honestly life-changing. He was teething so I was holding a piece of frozen mango and letting him chew on it, suddenly he had sucked it in and right down his throat. Kenny grabbed him and started doing the Heimlich ( I have no idea how to spell that) on his chest and back, alternating between the two. He told me to call 911 which I did hysterically. They couldn't understand me so I just kept yelling the address because by this point he was blue and passed out...I thought he was dead. Even now, remembering how he looked at that moment is making me shake. Kenny laid him on the ground to get more space to keep pushing his chest, and the mango must have finally melted enough that it came up right as the paramedics ran in the door. He still wasn't responsive or breathing well so they put him on oxygen and we headed to the ER (in the ambulance). They took some x-rays to see if anything was in his lungs but it looked okay, but since his O2 stats still weren't very good they admitted him for the night. That was probably more for our peace of minds than his health but we didn't mind. Kenny and I were talking that night in the hospital about saying our family prayer and how we could possibly thank Heavenly Father for saving our baby boy. And then we realized that he already giving us those temple ordinances and covenants that sealed us as a family forever. No matter was happened that day, or in the future, we already have our family secured to us forever. It was a very eye-opening experience to say the least, one that I'm sure we wont forget.


melissa said...

wow, sara, when you said "beck choked," i was like "oh yeah, that's the worst..." but you meant he REALLY choked. i'm so glad he's ok! (and that kenny knows the heimlich!)

i'm sure his birthday will be super fun no matter what. sometimes i get so bugged with people going SO over the top about parties and such--that's just not how i roll. at all. and just think of all of the kids who had fun birthday memories without pinterest. (that would be...basically everyone in the world older than two.) for calvin's we just had family over and we ate brownies. and it was great. but i'm kind of an underachiever anyway so i have low standards.

ps could you text me your phone number agin? my phone got smashed a while ago and i lost all of my numbers, and i really want to have you guys over for a cookout before/if you move away!

Kristi and Kory Jones said...

oh my goodness! That is SO scary! As I was reading your post, I thought I could relate because Hailee has choked on pennies, earings, dimes, etc. and I have had to dig them out of her throat so many times, thinking she was going to die. That alone scared me more than enough. But to the point of turning blue and passing out is so much more! I can imagine the scare it was for you guys! I am so glad he's okay.

Jaime said...

Are you joking? That is so scary! I can't even imagine! And also... he is ADORABLE!

the jones said...

Beckett is too cute!! I still cant believe he is almost one!! so fun! That really was so scary when beckett chocked! we are so glad that he was okay!!

Nolan and Erica said...

Holy cow I literally teared up when I read that! I was so scared reading your blog (even though I knew it all turned out ok)!! I want you guys to come to Des Moines SO BAD. I'll have Nolan put in a good word here at DMU. ;-) Is he taking the psychology class he needed to get in here? Let me know what is going on!

PS You look SO GOOD! And your family is absolutely adorable! We can't wait to see you guys this summer! :-)