Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It's been a while...

Yes it has indeed been a very long while...so if anyone is interested in our lives here you go!

Kenny was accepted to the PA program in Des Moines, IA - it starts the end of May.

We moved in with my parents in South Jordan to save money in October and so far have paid way too much in car repairs to actually save. FUNNY STORY - on our move down, the passenger window of the rental truck literally exploded. The pressure in the cab did some kind of voodoo magic on the window and our wallets and shattered. I guess its not very funny... we are definitely getting truck insurance for the move to IA.

We will be moving to IA sometime in May, to some kind of housing establishment, somehow...details to be determined.

Erica & Nolan - we are so excited to be neighbors!! Even if by neighbors I mean the next-door-city kind of neighbors!

Jamie & Derek & Hallie - we love you and miss you already but we can't wait to plan a trip out to visit you! Oh and Jamie...TEXT ME BACK! Thanks!

We also just found out Kenny got awarded an academic SCHOLARSHIP of $15,000 from Des Moines University! Thats 25% of his overall tuition! He has worked so hard and I'm so glad that someone else sees it too!

Beck loves talking, running, yelling "touchdown" when he throws a football, begging to watch "CARS", playing with cars (especially the super cheap plastic green one from the dollar store), casting the spell "stupefy" with any wand-type object, and playing the harmonica.

I'm considering trying the whole never-shampoo-again thing, where you only use baking soda and vinegar. See the following site for more info http://www.coderedhat.com/no-poo/
Anyone tried it? Just curious if it works, if its worth it, if it actually makes your hair more awesome or just slightly more so its not worth the hassle?


Nolan and Erica said...

Ahhh so excited you updated your blog!! We can't wait for you guys to move here either!
I have a friend from the ward who does the no shampoo thing. She loves it! Maybe you'll meet her when you get here!
And that is so great that Kenny got a scholarship! That is amazing. I'm so happy for you!

melissa said...

congrats on school & scholarship. awesome!

i tried the no shampoo for a while. it didn't make much of a difference except that my hair didn't smell good anymore. so i quit. ;)

Anonymous said...

WOW! that is so awesome that he got a scholarship! congrats!!!

we need to have game night asap!!