Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It's Fall Y'all

First off I would like to pose a question...What do I wash first: hands or face? 

Beck is now eating solid foods occasionally and every time he gets messy (just like every baby I'm sure). So my question is about the clean up...if I wash his hands first he touches his face and gets them dirty again, if I wash his face he still touches it and gets it dirty again. Or if he doesn't touch his face, he touches his bib and gets his hands dirty on that but if I take off the bib too early than he gets it all over his clothes. Oh and did I mention that the only baby foods he likes are the really colorful ones?

We had a super fun Halloween party and celebrate Kenny's birthday with our families last month. We had cheese and chocolate fondue and steak, chicken, and Italian sausage and I ate my weight worth. My favorite is french bread in the cheese sauce...yum! This year I was Peter Pan, Kenny was Ru-fi-ooooooo, and Beck was a little lost boy!

And check out our new table! We were given a table when we got married and we finally, 3 1/2  years later finished it! It was a light wood color with white cushions so we sanded, stained, painted, stained again, sanded again, re-upholstered, and VIOLA! It was quite a project but now that's done I'm absolutely loving it!

Oh, one more thing! The cake I made Kenny was awesome. It was a checkerboard cake so I used white (dyed orange) and chocolate cake mix with a whipped icing. It was so cute, I know it could have turned out better but I still had fun.

Anyway, not much else is new. Still waiting on PA schools, I'm still at home with Beck and loving it (most days), Kenny is still at the hospital and loving it (some days). Ha life is fun!

3 comments: said...

strip the little man to his diaper to let him eat ;) that's what we did with too sick of stained clothes. especially from the carrots!

Nolan and Erica said...

You have no idea how excited I am about Kenny (and possibly you) coming out to visit! We are praying for you every day so he gets in! We would LOVE to have you guys out here!!!

the jones said...

i love your halloween costumes!! thats awesome!!! looks like such a fun week!! :D beck is too cute!! thats so fun that he started solids!!