Monday, June 6, 2011

My New Man

Beckett has won my whole heart. I don't feel one bit guilty when Kenny comes home from work and asks about my day and I realize I wasted about 6 hours just watching Beck sleep.

He just had his 2 week doctor's visit and he was a champ. He is still doing great! He eats like no one's business and gains over an ounce a day so he weighs 7.8 lbs now and has grown 1/2 inches so he is 20 inches long.
Here's some fun facts about the little guy:

  • He can projectile poop about 2-3 feet.
  • He won't take a binkie from me (he knows I have the real stuff)
  • He is ticklish like his dad
  • He will not wake up from a nap if anyone is holding him, he loves being cuddled
  • He grunts when he poops
  • He only pees on me
  • He has the cutest smile but it only lasts a few seconds at a time
  • He loves the car and going on walks
  • He closes his mouth like a clam when he decides he is done nursing

I'll add more fun facts another time but here are some fun pictures. Kenny says I can't post the videos because no one besides me would want to see hours of him sleeping so hopefully these pictures will satisfy.

He loves the car and sleeps like a baby the whole time

Beck and his grandpa, both sleeping of course

Trying to get a picture of him with his eyes open...didn't work out so well

He likes to roll himself to the middle of the couch

I like to think I'm his favorite place to sleep.


Kristi and Kory Jones said...

He is so adorable! congratulations! I am so happy for you! and I must say that you look AMAZING! you look so thin! (although I thought you looked amazing pregnant too)! My friend in my ward even commented on how she has seen you around and thinks you are the prettiest girl she's ever seen! just had to share that because I thought you should know! Love ya!

Jaime said...

Pips is right... You do look so good! And Little Beckett is such a cutie! Keep those pictures comin!

Keith, Heather and Carsen said...

Yay!! I found it! I love these pics! He is so dang cute!!