Saturday, July 23, 2011

a proposed arrangement or an arranged proposal...either way

Beck met baby Hallie Jo Freckleton last night and it was confirmed that they have to get married...they just have to. (Agency?? What's that?) Anyway, she sure is a sweet, beautiful baby girl and her little girly cry almost made me cry too.

We have had a pretty lazy summer (obviously there's not that much we can go out and do with a newborn). Here's the photo updates:

Beck's first baseball game, it was a bit chilly and he was only three weeks old so I was a little nervous about having him out. I think we only stayed about 20 minutes.

Chillin with Dad (I still can't believe Kenny is a dad! Its easier for me to think of myself as a mom...probably because I carried him for 39 weeks.)

Speaking of carrying...can you believe he ever fit inside!?

Kenny blessed Beck on July 10th up here in Logan

The Nursery:

My grandparents made him this quilt, which I am going to take his picture on periodically to measure how big he is getting. (And yes I do dress my baby boy in leggings)

I've read that the best thing to help your baby sleep better is for them to be able to put themselves to sleep but what about me!? My little baby won't let me rock him to sleep anymore. We used to just sit in our little glider, and rock, and read stories etc. Now as soon as he's tired he pushes away from me until I swaddle him and lay him down in his crib happy as a clam. He smiles and coos for a few minutes and then drifts peacefully off to sleep and I sit on his floor and cry wondering where my little cuddly baby went. This picture is one of those times where I force him to cuddle with me...he may not need it (or want it) but I do and I think I've earned that right!

The sweetest little guy in the world...


Kristi and Kory Jones said...

Hailee did the same thing! she would not cuddle after she was a few months old. it is so sad. But I think they go in stages because she is starting to cuddle with us a little more. so, hopefully he'll do the same thing for you too. There's definitely pros and cons with having babies fall asleep by themselves. It is so nice to put them to bed with not much effort though. :)
He is SO adorable! and you seriously look AMAZING!!

Jon and Jessica Bryant said...

Beck is so so so cute! My little ones did that too. It's stinks. But there are so many good things that will come from it. Bedtime is my time so that the next day I can be a nice mommy.....and I love it! I hope you guys are doing good. Can't wait to meet the little guy. He's sure a cute little pumpkin!:)