Wednesday, July 16, 2008

daily activities

Kenny and i have recently picked up tennis and after playing I have a whole new respect for Andy Roddick. Tennis is really really hard so I'll probably never play at wimbledon (probably). We have also started longboarding which is really really hard too. But thanks to my amazingly quick and strong husband, i haven't gotten hurt on one yet (almost though).


Linnea&Jeff said...

Yay for tennis! Jeff and I have been playing a lot in the evenings too..its so fun. :-)

Cory N' Jenna said...

Sarah! Oh my gosh! It's me, Jenna Story (now Sommers.) It's so fun to find everyone from high school! Check out my blog at I'm so glad to see that you're so happy! :)

The Farrers said...

It's amazing how quickly word gets out about a new blog. :)

Good luck with long boarding- Bret is trying to teach me as well. So far it's a little scary, but somehow also very relaxing.