Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Viva Las Vegas

We went to Las Vegas in June and I am finally putting some pictures up to fill in some empty blog space. We had a great time, except for all the smoke and dirty things. And it was really hot so we could only walk on the strip for like 10 minutes at a time or at night which was risky. We stayed at the belagio for a few nights. The best part were the drapes that opened and closed just by the touch of a button (the robes were pretty cool too though).

We went to the Cirque du Soliel show KA and that was awesome! The stage turned on its side and forward and backward and so it was facing us and the dancers were sooo good. It was great.

Oh and we went to this fancy restaurant at the Paris hotel but it was way to fancy for us. Half the menu was in french (probably because it was the Paris hotel) and so we ordered the only things we could understand and kenny's potatoes tasted like playdough. Overall it was a pretty fun trip.

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Brynne said...

you are beautiful, sara! really, looking so good.