Tuesday, April 19, 2011

34 weeks and counting the hours...

Seriously, I don’t understand those women who love being pregnant…I really don’t love it. But on a positive note, my back pain is much better…but I think its diminished because the he moved right up by my right rib. He loves that spot right on my rib cage, I can’t tell if it’s a bum, head, or back, but some larger part of him is always right there. I can feel when he gets the hiccups now and it makes me feel a little sorry for him because I just don’t enjoy the hiccups at all and he gets them a lot.

Kenny and I are taking a Lamaze class and it has helped me understand what’s going to happen as I get closer to labor and what happens once I’m in labor. (Even if the video of an epidural birth made me cry out of fear).

Oh and listen to this major bummer! I made some onsies for the little guy with some pictures, words, etc that I cut out on my mom’s cricut onto freezer paper so that I could iron them on and then paint them. One design I was fairly excited about was the male gender sign. I cut out the “Male” gender sign on the cricut and then ironed it on, painted it, and voila! Right!? Not right. Apparently whoever made the silly program I was using got the signs mixed up and I now have a blue female gender sign on my son’s onsie. (I’m pretty sure it was the program’s fault and this little mistake has absolutely nothing to do with my pregnant brain).

Other non-pregnancy related news...Kenny got a job at the hospital! We are so excited because now he can finally start getting the patient experience he needs to get into PA school! Hopefully he can apply this summer and get in for next fall, 2012.

I'll post pictures of the nursery, which is close to being done (I think), and maybe my belly (which is not as cute as the nursery). Apparently I really like eating because every picture Kenny has taken of me lately, I'm either cooking on the stove, looking in the fridge, snacking on something in the kitchen. So I'll wait until I can get a better picture, like maybe when I'm stuffing my belly with food.

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