Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Fortnight and Cake

Tessa has been counting her friend’s mission in fortnights so it’s taught me what a fortnight is...2 weeks. I can make it two measly little weeks right? I have progressed a little farther now. At my 37 week check, I was measuring at 2+ and was 75% effaced and his head was a little lower. Here’s a funny little coincidence! I have been telling this baby boy to come on May 18th, I don’t know why, that day just sounded nice. So I asked her when she will strip my membranes and she said at my 38 week checkup. BUT she doesn’t work on Tuesdays (and my visits are always on Mondays) so she told me if I wanted them stripped then she suggests I change my visit to Wednesday so if I do go into labor she will be my doctor. So I changed my appointment to Wednesday which just happens to be....MAY 18th!

I made this beautiful and delicious chocolate cake to celebrate Tessa's birthday and Kenny's graduation! It was so yummy but I definitely can't take the credit. A friend gave me the recipe from this blog:

I'm so proud of Kenny for graduating! My family came up to celebrate with us and it was so nice to have support and love during such a fun and exciting time! Kenny is the first, on both sides of his family (including extended) to decide to go to college and graduate so I would say that's a pretty big accomplishment. Love you babe!

And here is another picture of me in the kitchen...I literally think every picture of me being pregnant has been in our kitchen. This is my 37 week belly. Huge right? At least you haven't seen it without clothes on...its totally alien-ish.

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